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Angora Wool

Litter box training
Angora Rabbits can be litter box trained, which is easy but time consuming.

Step 1
Place your angora in the cage and give them a few days to scent out a spot. Observe what corner the rabbit uses to urinate.

Step 2
Place your litter pan over the spot that the rabbit uses regularly. Once the rabbit starts using the pan you can begin handling them again. Remove your rabbit from its cage for 10-15 min. several times a day.

Step 3
After a few days you can remove you rabbit for longer periods of time. Be sure to watch it for any signs of lifting the tail to urinate. If caught urinating out side of the cage you can spray them with water and return them to the cage. After about three weeks of this you should be able to leave the cage door open for the rabbit to enter the cage to urinate.
Never hit your rabbit for urinating in the wrong place. Clean the area and spray with apple bitters to prevent it from reusing that spot.
Rabbits love to chew. Cover electric cords with hot sauce and use the water bottle to deter negative behavior. When leaving home always put the rabbit up in it's cage.
Your bunny may leave droppings on occasion. Make sure to sweep them up to discourage them from using the area.

Angora Wool    


You need to have a slicker brush and flea comb. The kind you get for cats/dogs.

I suggest a soft slicker brush so that it wont pull out as much wool during grooming. You should groom your rabbit at least once a week. Be sure to groom the belly as well as the top. You can do this by holding your rabbit in your lap on it's back with the ears between your knees. Use the slicker brush on the belly and back and the flea comb on the cheeks, legs, and ears.
To make the job easier you may want to invest in a pet blower, however they are not cheap! You can also use the exhaust of a wet/dry shop vac or a hair dryer on cool setting. Using a blower gets rid of dander and loose hair that causes matting.


Blowing is a must if you plan to show your rabbit. The blower leaves the hair more dense where brushing pules it out.

If your angora is an indoor pet it will be best to keep it clipped. This will keep all that hair from finding it's way onto your furniture.

At some point you will find you angora loosing large amounts of wool. This is ok! Angoras naturally shed every 7-12 months. When shedding begins you will need to clip or pluck the wool. Plucking takes several days to remove all the wool. Clipping can be done with scissors or just take your bunny to the dog groomer!

2012 • Devin Henlsey