Peep's Sheep and Rabbitry

Offering quality Icelandic Sheep and Angora Rabbits in a full range of natural colors!

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Contact Us

To Reserve an Animal:
For questions or to reserve an animal you can e-mail Nicole at

A 10% deposit, of the total cost, is required to hold animals. Deposits are non refundable and count toward the payment. Final payment is due upon pickup. We do not replace/ refund animals that have been health inspected after they leave our farm. Our animals are registered/Pedigree and can be purchased as such or without. We continually strive to improve our stock and remove any with DQ's. We Do NOT, however, guarantee our stock to be show winners.
Rabbits shipped via airlines are the sole responsibility of the purchased to pay any extra fees prior to shipping. Fees will include vet check, my travel to and from air port, shipping cage and the cost of flight. Cost varies depending on gas prices and flight costs.  It is the purchasers job, to make arrangements or be at the airport for pick up, upon arrival in your area. After I turn the animal over to the airline it  is not my responsibility and will not be refunded/replaced and the sale becomes final.


In most cases it is cheaper to make the drive and view the animal in person before purchase. We have many to choose from. Call to arrange a visit!

For wool samples send a SAS envelope to:
Peeps Sheep And Rabbitry
Nicole Willis
1652 Grapevine rd
Crofton Ky 42217

For hand made items or crafts
send a check or money order to the address above. All items are listed with the shipping and handling cost included. Please inquire via e-mail for availability of items before sending payment.
Most of our items are unique and one of a kind. This means we can not replace/refund items, crafts, wool,  etc. AFTER shipping. Be sure to check  item descriptions, size, color, and quantity before purchase. e-mail if you have ANY questions.

For Farm Visits and Animal pick up:
Contact James or Nicole at 270-305-2763
Please give us prior notice before arrival. Visitors must make an appointment!
We value your business and look forward to having you.

All content of this web site is strictly the views and opinion of the author. It is not intended to be the sole source of information. I strongly encourage readers to do additional research. Be prepared and know about the animals you purchase. We want every one to have success!

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