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Samson   Samson
White triplet ram out of Lavender Fleece Rhubus and Gwendolin. Carries moorit and solid. Shows excellent heat/parasite tolerance and has an impressive horn set. Meaty built, sturdy, and strong. Has Frelsi, and Haengur lines that attribute to his meaty build.


White ram born 4-10-09.
Out of Inglside stock. Has moorit, badgerface, and spotting. Very long in body, great wool, easy keeper. Sired an incredible set of twins that we are keeping to take his place along with several moorit, spotted, badgerface ewe lambs this year. This guy is a wonderful ram with great heat/parasite tolerance.

Alex   Alex
Cloud   Cloud
Toola Rue   Toola Rue
White ewe that carries black and possible spotting. Great grand sire is Kunningi on both sides with Frelsi and Kimball as well. Awesome fleece and a well balanced build. Super parasite resistant and heat tolerant.
Bianca   Bianca
Mature white ewe. Has a massive build, super long back, deep chest, and wide in hind quarters. Meat quality with Rektor and Morro in pedigree. Has good heat and parasite tolerance.
Mimi   Mimi
Ewe lamb out of Bianca and Lavender fleece Visirson.
This yearling girl is blocky and wide with fleece like a cloud. A pleasing addition to our flock with that wonderful meat build. She should also prove to be very milky with her Visir lineage. Shows good heat and parasite tolerance.
Trinity   Trinity
Solid black ewe born from an AI Sjodur son. This girl is long bodied with nice wide set horns and pleasing features. Very wide in hind quarters and has milking potential. Excellent heat tolerance and fair parasite resistance.
Helen of Troy   Helen of Troy
Solid black ewe that carries moorit and is starting to silver. Not our biggest ewe, but has proven a keeper in every way! This girl is very friendly and smart, a trait from her Prestur leader sheep background. Has excellent heat and parasite tolerance.
Dakota   Dakota
Moorit Gray spotted ewe with TCE parents. This girl is decent size and well balanced. Nice horn set and good mother with plenty of milk. Has Sponn and Laekur in pedigree. Has excellent heat tolerance and good parasite resistance.
Undrey   Undrey
Black gray ewe with super soft fleece. Well balanced in build. Carries AI Bambi, Blaevar, Flotti, Kani, Hunn, Molur, and Morro. Has exceptional heat and parasite tolerance.
Clair   Clair
Molly   Molly
Clay   Clay
Nibbles   Nibbles
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