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Spinning With Wool

Caring for a Spinning Wheel

Don't place in the direct sunlight for long periods of time. Don't leave it near a heating vent or stove or fireplace. If you live in a dry area you may need to oil it periodically so it does not dry out.

Wheels should be finished. All wheels need periodically oiled or polished like any other wooden furniture. Do not oil the grooves where the drive bands or brake bands go.


Always pick it up by the bench. Never pick up a wheel by the drive wheel. If placing in a vehicle then make sure it is secure and cannot move around.

Keep your wheel clean and dusted.

The wheel should be oiled every two hours of use or when bobbins are changed. Use 30 weight motor oil. Wipe off the old oil and dirt before appling the new oil and make sure to oil every moving part. If it is a sealed bearing then it does not need oiled.

Spinning With Wool    

There are a wide variety of spinning wheels to choise from. There are hand spinners, sitting wheels, standing and more.

To find the right wheel for you, it is best to find a place that seels spinning wheels and ask for help trying them out. Different wheels will fit different people, no one wheel is the best for everyone.

Spinning Wheels

For those who are looking for a good quality spinning wheel Ashpole is a good brand and so is Kromski. These wheels do get expensive.

There are now electric wheels that look nothing like the traditional wheels.



For those who want to talk a less expensive or simpler route there are are a variety of spendles. The most common is the drop spendles but there are also These are more spinning by hand but can create the same results as the other spinning wheels.

Using a spindle good for beginners beacuse they are easy to learn, economical, inexpensive and easy to make. Once using a spendle to spinn wool has been mastered a lot of the skills needed to use a spinning wheel has been learned. These skills include drafting out fibers, twisting the fiber into yarn, and winding up and storing the spun yarn.

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