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Offering quality Icelandic Sheep and Angora Rabbits in a full range of natural colors!

We offer quality wool with little or no vegative matter and without wool break . Fleeces are heavily skirted to remove dung tags and soiled areas. Samples are available upon request. Send a SASE to the address listed on our contact page and I will be more than happy to send you a few locks of the fleeces your interested in.

  Go to Our Flock page to view the sheep our fleeces came from.
Icelandic fiber is dual coated and fleeces have a 6-10" staple. For information on Icelandic fiber washing, dying, or felting go to our handling Sheep Wool page.
  Black/gray badgerface wool from our ram Absalom. This wool spun up very nice for me. Would make a wonderful worsted or lopie style yarn. Has lots of rich natural color including black, gray, white, and caramel tones. Spins up a natural multi color yarn.
Weight: 3 lb 1 oz Price: $30 SOLD
  Black/gray ewe fleece from our ewe Pansy. Extremely soft! Has lots of rich black locks that go to a silvery gray towards the base. This wool spun like a dream. I liked it so much that there is little of it left. Unwashed raw wool.
weight: 3lb 1oz SOLD
  Black wool with silvering from our ewe Helen. Her wool is a beautiful color with the added silvering and deep brown highlights. Unwashed raw wool.
weight: 3lb Price: $30
  Black/gray badger face lamb fleece from our lamb Tamar. Has rich tones of cream at base and goes to shades of oatmeal and caramel at tips. Has no black showing in fleece even though it's from a black/gray badger. Super soft with a 7-8" staple.
Weight: 1lb 11oz Price: $15

Moorit/Gray ewe fleece from Dakota. Beautiful clean white color after washing. Has smatterings of rich chocolate brown.
weight: 2lb 2oz Price: $20


White ewe fleece from our Toola Rue. Long soft locks with plenty of crimp and downy under coat. Takes dye easily and blends great with other fibers.
Price: $22


Natural black wool from our English buck Wooley Boogers. This wool is like silk and blends very well with Icelandic.
Price: $5 per 1 oz SOLD

  fawn wool from an English doe. This wool has bands of tan, white, and dove gray. Very nice color!
Price: $5 per 1oz. SOLD
  cinnamon agouti wool from an English doe. This wool is a peachy cream color, also very nice.
price: $5 per 1oz.
  Angora Goat Mohair
Price: $6 oz SOLD

Icelandic yarn

Natural Black with Silvering single ply: 4.9 oz. Price: $12
Natural Black/Gray two ply medium weight: 4.9 oz. 150 yd. Price:$14
Natural Gray/Gray two ply medium weight: 5.7 oz. 168 yd. Price: $15
Natural Black Badger two ply medium weight: 9.6 oz 250 yd. Price: $22 (listed from Left to Right)    


Alpaca yarn

Natural Brown Alpaca: 5.3 oz. 149 yd. Price: $25
Natural Brown Alpaca: 6 oz 165 yd. Price: $30
Natural Brown Alpaca: 6 oz. 165 yd. Price: $30
Brown Alpaca and 25% angora rabbit: 6.5 oz.136 yd. Price: $30
Brown alpaca,50% angora rabbit:4.3 oz.162 yd. Price: $23
Brown/White Alpaca 50/50: 6.5 oz. 153 yd. Price: $32

All wool sales have 20% added to the total price for shipping and handling. Shipment will be sent after check clears. We do not refund or exchange wool once shipped. We strive to offer quality products and value our customers. If you have any questions or concerns submit them to Nicole Willis at


Customer Testimonials
Nicole, I received it yesterday - it is very clean and soft - I am deciding whether I am just going to start spinning or have it processed - nice fleece!! thanks


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