My photography ranges in subject matter. My film photography was shot, developed and printed by myself using a darkroom.

Some of the digital is straight photography and some of it is minipulated in photoshop. I may put up latter some photos from various photo shoots I have done.

So far, almost all of these were created for a digital imaging class or beginning photography. I do enjoy what I did in these classes and my play with it some more.

For my film photography many of the images were taken to satisify an assignment. Out of about 15 rolls of film I shot, I liked about 19 images.

For my digital work most of what is up at the moment was also to meet assignment requerments. My favorite would be the last four, where I played with the ideas of elementals, home/house, and feminism.

Overall I enjoy photography and I think that I do a decent job of it. I do not however claim to be a photographer. I just happen to sometimes take really nice photographs.